Events & Programmes

To raise the standards of graphic design

Events & Programmes

Jack In The Box, KL

Jack In The Box is a weekly sharing platform for graphic designers conducted in a conducive, informal and relaxed setting. Our objective is to encourage sharing of your most treasured ideas, designs, strategies, thoughts, sketches and experiences to nourish and inspire ourselves. In each session, 3 designers will volunteer to present to a supportive and listening audience.

Among the topics discussed were:

• Who Is Jay Lim? by Jay Lim
• Way-Finding For Kuala Lumpur by Kerry Asmat
• Unorthodox Graphic Design by Zam Nayan
• Open Source Graphic Design by Arez Ezman
• Service Design by Angela Low
• Extreme Sports Branding by Kerry Asmat
• 6 Cs Formula In Events Branding by Asri Ahmad
• Iranian Graphic Design by Mahsa Banihashemi
• Convergence Media by Gan Aaron
• Peperangan Bintang by Tintoy Chuo
• Malaysia Design Archive by Ezrena Marwan
• History Of Jalur Gemilang by Razif Nasruddin
• Creating Digital Art Using Mobile Apps by Ugendran Letchimenan
• The Future of Design Economy of Malaysia by Zachary Ong
• Who Are We As Graphic Designers by Asri Ahmad
• Spec Work Issues by Kerry Asmat
• Digital & Analog Illustrations by Kamarul Izam
• Design Work Experiences
• Design For Good
• Rediscovered by Zarul Nazli
• How Malaysia Achieved Top 10 In The World List In Red Dot Design Ranking 2012 by Sufian Yahuza
• Roundtable With ico-D by Zachary Ong
• Defining Culture & Applying It In Our Design Practice by Zachary Ong
• What Is Malaysia’s Design Strategy & How It Can Benefit The Rakyat by Sufian Yahuza
• VGA Fest Role In Empowering Local Visual Artists by Fauzi Yusoff
• Green Mapping KL & Penang by May Chan
• Spare Some Change by Zam Nayan
• Public Phone Booth Resurrection by Asri Ahmad
• Seeking Inspiration by Sean Tan
• Melbourne: Life Is Always Greener On The Other Side by May Chan

These sessions are opened to members and non-members of wREGA who seek inspiration. Come join us in your shorts and flip flops and get ready to be inspired. Participation is free. For details of our next meetup, logon to wREGA’s Facebook Page. For more information, kindly contact the secretariat at

• Strategy Is The Pinnacle For Design by Asri Ahmad
• Architecture & Landslides by Husam Haron
• Designers’ Role During Natural Disasters by Kenneth Lam
• Co-Open Source Workshop Space by Kal Joffres
• 3editions Online Art Gallery by William Lee
• Industrial Design 101 by Sufian Yahuza
• Concept Magazine by Connor & Reza
• Pereka Sihat, Rekaan Hebat by Asri Ahmad
• Social Innovation Lab by Nicole Ong
• Malaysia Design 2012 Review by Razif Nasruddin
• TypoKaki by Sueh Li & Karmen Hui
• How To Achieve Your Creative Goals Faster by Joey Faizal
• What Do You Want To Achieve In Your Personal Creative Journey For 2013 Open Discussion
• Steal Like An Artist by Zahili Kassim
• Recode Night @ Grafa Cafe
• Preserving & Exploring Our Local Heritage by Joey Khor
• VGA Fest 2013 & Life Exploration by Fauzi Yusoff
• Sell Your Most Quality Works by Thye Shin
• A Designer’s Guide To Project Management by Ugendran Letchimanan
• A Simple Understanding On The Power Of Wayfinding by Khairi Asmat
• Content vs Design: A CUTOUT Perspective by Vivian Toh
• The Real Daydream Nation by Hyrul Anuar
• Taiwan Design Scene by Jay Lim
• Past & Present Work by Lau Chooi Ling
• World Communication Design Day 2013 Special presenting artwork by Zam Nayan, Kamarul Izam & Su San
• Greece by Tan Thye Shin
• Why Nations Fall by Zachary Ong
• View On Defining The Malaysian Identity by Muid Latif
• Creative Cloud by Ugendran Letchimanan
• Excerpts From Debbie Millman’s How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer by Zachary Ong
• Tee Somthing Nice by Shamsul Jafni Shafie
• Nostalgic Images Of Kuala Lumpur by Zam Nayan
• JITB 1 Year & wREGA’s Roster For 2nd Half Of 2013 by Zachary Ong & Vivian Toh
• All About wREGA’s CoPC by Zachary Ong
• Logo Kemerdekaan 2013 by Zachary Ong
• How Can Emerging Designers Become Better Equipped To Respond To The Political & Social Issues Of Our Time by Kamarul Izam

Jack In The Box, Penang

“Jack In The Box George Town is a simple weekly session where local artists and graphic designers in Penang get together and lounge. During the session, we will share ideas and simple chatters over a couple of drinks. We welcome everyone, even non-designers to join us every week and share your ideas, big or small.
Once a month, we will collaborate with Piktochart; a local start-up in their weekly meet-up where there will be three speakers presenting on topics related to design. Currently, Jack In The Box George Town is working on a collaborative project on helping the homeless in Penang.” – Jun Wu

Among the topics discussed were:
• Culture & Identity by Larren Heah
• Continue Doing It by Moses Khor
• Comic In Propaganda by Maizul Baha
• How Fresh Graduates Survive In The Industry by Terry Neoh
• Convergence Of Computer Science & Graphic Design by Chun Woei
• De Rosis Nascentibus (Special Photography Project) by En Tze & Matrika
• Photography Series In Bayan Lepas Industrial Zone by John Tan
• Pixel Art by Rezza
• A Visual Story Teling by Rodney
• Can Graphic Design Changed The World? by Jun Wu

These sessions are opened to members and non-members of wREGA who seek inspiration. Come join us in your shorts and flip flops and get ready to be inspired. Participation is free. For details of our next meetup, logon to Jack In The Box Penang’s Facebook Group Page. For more information, kindly contact the secretariat at

• Candid & Slow Shutter Photography Exploration by Rezza
• Soul To Soul Art Project Bridging Hokaido & Penang by Daigo
• Who Influence Me by Jun Wu
• Mental Problem Among Artists by Matrika, Tara & Entze
• Experimental Audio Visual by Sarah Ameera
• What is DA+C? by Suzy Sulaiman
• WingShya & His Photography by Chun Woei
• Follow Your Passion by Ericka Cheoh
• Alternative Publication by Nicholas Choo
• Social Network As Educational Tool by Maizul Baha
• Harmony Lifestyle by Rahim Aziz
• Street Art As Commercial Tool In Germany by Marvin Biess
• A Little Appreciation by Chun Woei
• Shades Penang by Nicholas Choo & Mark Walker
• The Art Of Cardistry by David
• Penang’s Video Blog by Rezza & David Gooi
• ico-D World Communication Design Day by Chun Woei
• Artworks That Touched Our Hearts Sharing Session
• USM Final Year Project Exhibition
• Graphic & Typo Presentation by Danny Ong & Kio
• Augmented Reality by Chun Woei
• Graphic Presentation by Jec & Vergie
• ArtFarm by Shed Mahzar & Hafizat
• Graphic Presentation by CODERS
• Yuen by Jun Wu
• iLIUFA by Shion Lim
• Interior Design Presentation by CODERS