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Press Releases

Message From President For Year 2014 - 2014.09.23 / 13:50pm

Dear members,
It is an enormous privilege for me to say hello again in my continued capacity as President of wREGA within our commitment to empower our beloved graphic design industry of Malaysia. I would like to welcome the newly elected Executive Committee and Committee Members who are deemed to exemplify an extraordinary commitment and dedication towards this mission.

I’d like to welcome the following new committee members:

Executive Committee
Vice President, Dr. Debbie Gan
Honorary Secrerary, Ugendran Letchimenan
Deputy Secretary, Gan Aaron
Honorary Treasurer, Akio Oo Chun Sen
Committee Members
Tag Teoh Kang Wei
Arif Rafhan Othman
Mohd Idzuan
Archee Moong Jia Syh
Working Committee Members
Membership Committee Head, Tan Thye Shin
Ethics Chair, Arez Ezman
Discplinary Chair, Past President Koh Lee Meng
Publication Head, Jun Wu
Communications, PR & Events Head, Arez Ezman
Education & Research Head, Imran Abd Jabar

We believe that our work in the past term has propelled wREGA to new heights, thus accomplishing our objective in making wREGA a relevant association that impacts directly to the growth of the industry.

In essence, I am happy to report that we saw an increase in revenue, membership (both students and professionals) and visibility among the public at large. There is certainly much to be done, and we are excited to share with you the plans we have installed for the coming months. For the new term, we are focusing on increasing the value of membership for all members.

As a non-profit association, our work are voluntary and we welcome your participation to take an active role in growing the association and the industry with us. We will have scheduled meetings to create, plan and execute activities throughout the year. If you see yourself being part of us, to contribute and to grow together, email us an inquiry to secretariat [@] and we will notify you of the scheduled meetings.

I wish all of us a fruitful and an expanded success in all of our endeavours.

Zachary Ong President 2013-2014

Message From President Ending Year 2012 - 2012.12.30 / 02:33pm

Dear members of our beloved profession,
As we are at the tail end of the year, I would like to take this opportunity to review the calendar of activities of the year 2012.

In essence, wREGA has actively worked on ground-breaking initiatives all year round to better the graphic design industry of Malaysia.

On 14th January, wREGA summoned the very first meeting of all design-related associations with the intention to be brought together under one umbrella, Majlis Rekabentuk Malaysia (MRM) for ico-D Design Week in my then capacity of Project Manager for the Design Week. All Presidents and Vice Presidents of each associations were invited. Present during this historic meeting was Majlis Rekabentuk Malaysia (MRM), Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM), Perekabentuk Industri Malaysia (Pereka), Malaysia Invention & Design Society (MINDS), and Make Condition Design (thinklab). This new coalition of design associations was later officially and formally instituted by Majlis Rekabentuk Malaysia on 8th March 2012. For the very first time, we witnessed the design industries combined with a single voice.

Following wREGA’s main effort in putting together a great ico-D Design Week with the support of Majlis Rekabentuk Malaysia, we invited the then President of ico-D, Leimei Julia Chiu to Kuala Lumpur to ignite a G2G programme between Malaysia and Japan and to empower the development of the Design Week. With Leimei Julia Chiu’s grace and generosity, she has not only gave a talk in Sunway University on the cultures of graphic design to an audience of graphic design students from several universities, she has also made a real impact to the development of the Design Week. Her visit marks the first ever President to visit a country prior to a Design Week in ico-D’s 49 year history.

In wREGA’s continuous effort to nourish practitioners of graphic design, and based on great positive feedback from our brief survey, we launched an inspiration-based gathering called Jack in the Box, Springing Ideas in August. Held every Wednesday in Kuala Lumpur and in two hours, attendees are delighted with new and inspiring information that broadens knowledge and skill of graphic design. This free gathering is open to members and non-members to gather with like-minded individuals. After mere 5 months of consistent gathering every week in Kuala Lumpur, Jack in the Box, Springing Ideas has now spread to 3 states of Penang, Sabah and Sarawak as of December. Jack in the Box, Springing Ideas is now happening on weekly basis simultaneously in all states at once.

August marks another victorious event by wREGA in fulfilling its capacity as the authority of graphic design of Malaysia by bringing down the very unpopular and first rendition of the Independence Day logo produced by a government ministry. For the first time, the members of the public and the profession both felt the crucial and important role of good graphic design for the country. Further investigation was made and wREGA has made face to face contact with the Secretary General of the government ministry involved with the intention to collaborate and empower the ministry to assist in producing world class designs from within the government sector.

Given the advent of technology and the power of Internet, the graphic design industry is experiencing a deteriorating effect on the quality of graphic design output and professional recognition. In September, wREGA has made contact with David Berman (R.G.D., CGD, FGDC) to co-create Malaysia’s first Code of Professional Conduct for graphic designers due to be launched in 2013 in our pursuit to safeguard and nurture the profession and the industry.

After an amazing and tireless 2-year effort of the entire executive committee, committee members and members of the profession involved, Malaysia became the host of the prestigious ico-D Design Week dubbed ‘Rediscovery 2012′ in Kuching, Sarawak from 15th to 21st October 2012. The theme ‘Rediscovery,’ powered by the Indigenous Design Network (Indigo), sister organization to ico-D, revolves around rediscovering our roots and heritage by asking ourselves, who were we in the past, who are we now in the present, and who do we ought to become in the future as members of the graphic design profession. The Design Week was a smashing success earning rave reviews from ico-D board members, speakers and attendees alike. During the course of the Design Week, wREGA had a Roundtable Discussion with ico-D board members and Indigo ambassadors discussing on the state of design of Malaysia which is to be compiled into a dossier that will be presented to the Prime Minister on the imperative role of design for the country.

In December, wREGA was selected among four other representatives from the coalition of the design associations to speak on behalf of the graphic industry to Datuk Seri Dr. Maximus Ongkili, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, organized by Majlis Rekabentuk Malaysia (MRM) in a ’60 Minute Discussion on Design for Malaysia.’ The united voice from the coalition of the design associations was heard loud and clear and we will witness a brand new beginning to the design industries of Malaysia.

Throughout the year, we have accomplished the seemingly impossible, and have made several historic events come true. No great effort was ever done individually. We want to express our utmost gratitude to our ardent supporters and partners, Majlis Rekabentuk Malaysia (MRM), ico-D, members of the design coalition, wREGA’s Past Presidents for their wisdom and guidance, our members for their trust, love and faith in the industry, individual champions of the industry and last but not least, the very special Team of executive committee, committee members and volunteers of wREGA who has an infinite dedication for the betterment of the graphic design industry of Malaysia.

As President, I hereby invite you to march with us to marshal in a new era of graphic design to instill a high level of integrity for our profession, in the name of our professional practice, our industry, and our country. The first and basic step is by becoming a full fledge member of wREGA, either as Professional, Associate, Industry or Student Member. Email us at for details and our Honorary Secretary will be happy to provide you with full details and guidelines of becoming a Member. I am convinced with your presence, voluntarily contribution and participation, we will grow into a force to be reckoned with and make a lifelong impact to the profession in generations to come.

Here’s to a better 2013.
Zachary Ong President 2012-2013

The Power of Design - 2014.01.09

Thank You & Completion - 2012.10.26 / 11:03am

A letter from the current President & Immediate Past President of wREGA Malaysia.

As we are at the tail end of the Rediscovery: ico-D Design Week in Sarawak 2012, on behalf of wREGA, we would like to take this opportunity to express our thank you. First and foremost, we are eternally grateful to our partner, ico-D for their continuous support throughout the process of preparing the Design Week, our sponsors Sarawak Convention Bureau, Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau, Sarawak Energy, KTS, Sarawak Craft Council, Majlis Rekabentuk Malaysia, The Spring, Transasia, Percetakan Delima, EC Print, and Octagon Creative.

Our thanks also to our supporting partners Rifaie Chua Sethi, Make Condition Design, Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia, Persatuan Pereka Perindustrian Malaysia, Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia, Hong Kong Design Institute, Italian Association of Visual Communication Design, Japan Graphic Designers Association, Asosiasi Desainer Grafis Indonesia, Association of Designers of India, Association of Polish Graphic Designers, and our local media partners CUTOUT, I.M. Magazine, SME & Entrepreneurship Magazine, Octane, international media partners and exhibitors.

The theme for the 2012 ico-D Design Week in Sarawak is ‘Rediscovery’. Rediscovery is a celebration of indigenous design and will highlight the relevance of local culture in a globalised world. It will invite us to survey creative practices of local indigenous people and provide a context to rethink the future of design in relationship to cultural assets. It will also aim to demystify the magic of Borneo and an opportunity for us to reflect newly on our role as designers by asking ourselves; who were we in the past, what are we dealing with in the present, and what are we creating for the future.

wREGA being the graphic design association of Malaysia and a professional member of ico-D, is committed to the betterment of the industry by promoting best practices and designers to interact with each other to share common interests in the name of growth and learning.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all speakers for spending the time with us to impart their invaluable experience and knowledge for the benefit of delegates. Also, we would like to acknowledge the working committee for having had an unprecedented dedication for the 2 years in making this Design Week happen in Kuching.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.
Zachary Ong President 2012-2013
Goh Suk Keat (Michael) Immediate Past President 2010 -2011