Tan Thye Shin

Hi, my name is Thye Shin and I have worked in Singapore as a designer for over three years, exposing myself to the island's fantastic design scene. I eventually returned and served one of Malaysia's pioneering design firms as Design Director before starting up my own business.

Now, as the Founder of VORT3X, I intend to build an impressive portfolio and clientele. My personal goal is to find means of contributing to the arts and design sector and conduct social design experiments in the region while enjoying the perks of being an independent designer. I believe in teamwork and recognition of others' contributions, and sharing the fruits of success with my associates. One day, I hope to make an industry-wide impact by changing the way people see the creative sector.

My strength lies in Branding & Identity Design, and I intend to help my clients, particularly young entrepreneurs by creating powerful brands for themselves. I firmly believe that a company's identity should be a strong reflection of the type and quality of product or service that they provide. If you seek for your company or products to be seen in a unique manner, then you must create an identity that matches its personality; be it professional, youthful, funny, exotic or naughty.

Consult me, and I will help you and your business get noticed.